Oh My! Does Curiosity Kill the Crone?

"Oh my!" sighed Tilly Simms as she slowly pushed open the rickety wooden door to Monsignor Suárez Vampyre Slayer's Emporium in the All Hallows Hamlet...

"Oh my!" sighed Tilly again for her heart was beating so fast and as she glanced at what lay beyond the entrance way into the shadowy gloom; she was almost tempted to close the door and run away as fast as she could.

But then she thought about Murphy and of his 'strange' behaviour during the festival of Samhain and that mask that she had seen him wearing as he had prowled along the leafy pathways during Día de los Muertos, and then she remembered that it was her fear that something or someone had taken control of him that had brought her to this uninhabited corner of All Hallows Hamlet.

"Oh my!" sighed Tilly as she stepped tentatively inside...

And once inside the emporium of the Monsignor, Tilly's heart started beating even faster and when she spotted the werewolf head with those sharp teeth and wild eyes on the wall, well, she nearly jumped out of her skin!

"Oh my!" thought Tilly!

For even though the darkness had not yet come upon the All Hallows Hamlet, Tilly was struggling to make out what lay around her here in the emporium for the atmosphere was somber, the shadows so long and the only relief was the light that bounced off the ornate silver cross underneath the flickering candle sconce on the oak beam above.

But as her eyes grew used to the dismal light, Tilly gazed with fascination at the vast array of glass vials around her; for as well as those perched on top of the tables, others were balanced precariously upon the shelves and there were some were nestled in the packing crates that had been left scattered all over the floor...

It was only when Tilly saw the vials of 'Poppy Seeds' and 'Holy Oil' that had been arranged neatly on the old dresser and were now covered in dust and shrouded in a large cobweb, did she realise that visitors to this place were perhaps few and far between.

And then having noticed several pages of burnt parchment upon the reading stand in front of the warm fire and being the curious sort, Tilly now moved across the room to take a closer look.

Tilly could see that these parchments had been written a long time ago and in a language that she didn't quite understand and the temptation to move some of them aside to take a closer look was too much but when she saw that the sketches were of something or someone being hunted down and killed in a most gruesome way; she paused and shuddered at the horror of it all.

"Oh my!" Tilly sighed and she began to wonder just what kind of person this Monsignor Suárez was, if this is what he liked to read!

However, this didn't stop Tilly taking an even closer look at the sketches and just as she was trying to make sense of one of the illustrations, she found herself distracted by the powerful smell of garlic, even though she had thought she had caught a whiff of it as soon as she had come through the door.

Turning her nose up in disgust as she wasn't a fan of any form of garlic, even for spell making and easily distracted, Tilly thought about that time when Polly Fawlty the eccentric owner of the 'Hag & Hex Restaurant' decided to indulge in some more experimental cuisine and peppered Tilly's favourite cake Death By Chocolate with the stuff and which nearly resulted in the deaths of several of the old folk from the All Hallows Hamlet!

But here in the Monsignor's emporium, Tilly saw a wooden board scattered with dried herbs and pieces of fresh garlic that had all been chopped up, but by whom? For there was no one here!

Taking a look around the rest of the huge L-shaped counter, Tilly spotted a silver bell between some glass vials of Holy Water and a bowl of red ribbons and wondered whether she should ring it or not...

But with the emporium seemingly deserted and with no sign of Monsignor Suárez, Tilly decided against it and as she was reluctantly making her way to the open door, she glanced at the bowls and vials containing an assortment of exotic herbs and oils and wondered if she should just help herself to a pinch of something that could be of help to Murphy.

BUT just as Tilly got to the open door, SUDDENLY there was a LOUD sound of something creaking followed by a huge THUD!

"Oh MY!" screeched Tilly!

To Be Continued...

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