Monday, 2 July 2018

If You Go Down to Tee's Garden Today...

If you go down to Tee's garden today.
You're sure of a big surprise!
If you go down to Tee's garden today.
You'd better go in disguise...
For every witch that ever there was.
Will gather there for certain because.
Today's the day that Tilly Simms came to say 'Hi!'

Okay, I didn't find really find Tilly Simms at the bottom of my garden nestled among the ferns and ivy leaves...

Actually this wonderfully adorable witch found her way to me one September accompanied by her creator Jain Squires of Giddy Kipper Dolls who is usually to be found huddled in a cosy workshop as she creates her whimsical characters and other assorted unique familiars.

As I haven't seen Jain for ages, it was really great to enjoy a chat over a cup of tea and to finally meet Tilly Simms; a 12th scale witch that I had asked Jain to make for me.

 For those who are aware of my passion for anything related to Regency history; it will probably be of little surprise that Isabella is dressed in the resplendent clothing that any respectable 19th Century lady would approve of!

 And as Tilly has had plenty of time in which to enjoy a little private time in her new home; I have been very busy with the preparations for her first retail foray at the All Hallows Hamlet although it hasn't been quite the shopping trip that she had imagined...

For as she approached the abode of Monsignor Suárez, the grim and forbidding place, neglected and possessed of some hidden terror was everything that she feared it would be and the temptation to make a run for it was almost too great... particularly when she spotted the tell-tale sign that someone or some thing had recently been there too...

Oh Tilly! Oh my!

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